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2014 National eXtension Conference

Posted by Fahz on 2014/03/27

2014 National eXtension Conference

Question: “What are the three to five take-aways you will go home with from this conference? I am mulling that question over in my mind as I summarize my notes this evening. “

My Answer:

It’s about connecting.

The traditional medium of F2F programming is very much alive. Extension personnel are still using human connection to build social networks for further learning opportunities ( Technology opens up the possibility to work more effectively and reach out to ever-changing clients. TV, newspaper, and radio used to be sufficient to reach the public. Now, the mere idea to using these medium are laughable and cost ineffective. By the way …

Do it right.

Just having your materials online is not enough. That was Web 1.0. Web 2.0 is about participating, sharing, resharing, interacting, mixing, commenting, rating, etc. On the back stage part of it, you have to ensure that if people do a web search on tags related to your items, you want your items to be on the main page of web searches. Here is where SEO (Search Engine Optimization) comes in. Dr. Stephen Green of Texas A&M ( had huge successes when combining great online teaching curriculum ala MOOC with in-depth SEO intervention.

Seek > Sense > Share:

Every day is a learning experience. Even for specialists, their areas of specialty need updating, e.g. professional development. Besides technology, examples of changes are regulations (e.g. CARD Act), teaching methods (e.g. flipped classroom), students (different cohorts), (e.g. webinars), and evaluation methods (E.g. learning from your social media data So, embrace the information diversity, try to understand them, and tailor the message to your audience in a meaningful manner.  In words of Harold Jarche (@HJarche),  seek > sense > share!



2 Responses to “2014 National eXtension Conference”

  1. Sarah Baughman said

    Thanks for sharing your take-aways Fahzy! I’ve seen lots of folks reference Jarche’s Seek>Sense>Share heuristic so I’ll be interested to see how we all keep putting that into practice.

    • Fahz said

      A non-attendee (otherwise regular) asked if eXtension 2014 National conference was any good? I answered “yes” – it was a whole lot better than previous ones. BTW, I put this on my blog as a result of my takeaways from Dave Gray’s messages.

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